A Big Term And Not Only A Guideline For Global Players

Sustainability is a basic element of Revolutions philosophy. For us it includes political, social, ecological and economic aspects. To claim that we want to give something of these back to the society would be a little bit pretentious. But as far as possible our aim is to build up our business sustainable.

For example we decided to produce our climbing holds in Germany. We benevolently accept the additional costs connected with this highly industrialized location in order to get the assurance of the highest environmental and ecological international standards.

The production of climbing holds is a chemical process, which needs natural resources. We are happy to work with an professional industrial partner, who is always looking for the highest ecological standards in the production process.

Sustainability contains even more aspects and it will be a long way for us to embrace this term over all. We keep on working.

High Quality Polyurethane Climbing Holds

Revolution re-launches the whole climbing hold range for the European market. More than 1.200 high quality polyurethane climbing holds are fabricated with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificated process at the German production facility. The innovative polyurethane mixture guarantees breaking resistance, excellent grip and heavy inflammability. All of this with a minimal weight thanks to polyurethane.

Design Is Not Just What You See

Climbing Outside Is The Best Inspiration. Our Products Reflect This Basic Feeling.

You can experience this feeling when you do your workouts with Revolution hangboards, do some boulder problems with Revolution holds in your gym or work on your boulder project with the comfortingly awareness of a Revolution Crash Pad underneath you.

Climbing Holds, Hangboards And System Holds

Designed In The USA - Made In Germany

Since 2007, all products of the legendary American Bouldering label Revolution are available in Europe. Revolution Europe focuses on high-end quality polyurethane climbing holds and training equipment.


All polyurethane products are designed in the USA and made in Germany.

Facts About Our Quality


ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management)

TÜV certificated fabrication in Germany.



Special PU-Mixture, especially developed for the production of climbing holds

(guaranteed without noxious additives, exempt from evaporation, saliva resistant).



Minimal weight by comparison to conventional climbing holds.



Rock-like surface with maximum grip.


Varied, accurate shaped designs with perfect ergonomic characteristics.

Breaking Resistance

Very high, because of the special characteristics of polyurethane (comprehensive test based on the new DIN/EN norm for climbing holds).



Nine different colors with high UV-Color-Resistance, especially for outdoor installations.


Fire Protection

Higher completion than the required fire protection norm B2.