Characterized by the full

spectrum of edges, pockets,

slopers and pinches. A masterpiece made out of polyurethane.

Pockets, edges and slopers.

Jugs and side edges are

positioned at 90 degrees to

lessen the stress on your

shoulders, elbows and wrists.

Comfortable edges, pockets, pinches

and slopers. Comes with a mounting

board ready to slap up on your wall or

door way. „Hovah“ is a nick name we

have for Jason Kehl.

Designed to be used for Campus.

Hangboard and System Training.

Available individually for Hangboard usage or in a discounted 6-Pack for Campus and/or System Training.

This is our basic hold for System

Training with all necessary features

and grips. Sold in sets of 2 System


The basic setup for System Training

six of our System Handholds and

eight System Foot Holds. We shaped

these holds out of very mellow

textured foam so your muscles give

out first, not your skin. The System

Handholds have a center bolt to rotate

them to specific angles and they have a

selection of different grips.

The System Foot Holds have both flat and sloping side to demand more or less body tension during workouts.


If you are interested in our climbing holds you can place an order by mail.